Persis Indian Grill in Des Moines

PERSIS INDIAN GRILL6925 Mills Civic Parkway, suite 142 While there are several Indian restaurants in Des Moines, I’ve not found one that has become a standard in my trips there. That changed… Continue reading

Pheasant Quenelles in Consommé

Over the years I’ve tried a lot of pheasant recipes, and this is one that I like because it utilizes the entire bird (with something left over for other dishes), and offers an almost foolproof… Continue reading

Zamora Fresh Market in Marshalltown

4 E Main St, Marshalltown, IA 50158 Marshalltown is home to a thriving and growing Hispanic community, many of whom came from Mexico to work in the meat-packing industry. Over the years a number… Continue reading

Snake and Eggs

Wild game was a real draw when I first moved to Iowa, and the abundance of pheasant in particular was something that made a move to the rural midwest something more palatable. In… Continue reading

Iowa Asparagus

One of my favorite things about spring in Iowa is the arrival of asparagus, which grows all over the place. Old-timers (I’m counting myself one of those) will remember one of the early… Continue reading

Iowans really are nice, or Shepherd’s Pie with Iowa Venison

The first part of this story isn’t about local Iowa venison, but about my local Iowa barber. His name is Marv, and his shop is called, in fact, Iowa Barbers. I started going… Continue reading

Chinese steamed Eggplant

This is a recipe I learned from my friend and mentor Andrew Hsieh. We made it together once at my house, and I’ve tried it a couple of times since, and I think… Continue reading


I first came into contact with Korean cooking in grad school, in Columbus, Ohio in the late 1980s. I worked on Sundays under the table, due to an arrangement made by my good… Continue reading

Cascabel Clementine Chicken Wings

In my last post, I mentioned making a sauce for chicken wings. I use this one for special occasions, and especially in the winter, when oranges are in season. I usually make it… Continue reading

Too Many Tomatoes II

With the harvest I have this year (see Too Many Tomatoes), I’ve had to look for various ways to process and preserve the massive quantities of my tomatoes this year. One method I’ve… Continue reading