Grilled Rainbow Trout on Greens

I had the opportunity to cook some trout and walleye recently after a particularly successful fishing trip with family in Washington state. I breaded the walleye in panko and fried it, and made… Continue reading

My Best Brussels Sprouts

I have to confess that I’ve never been a fan of brussels sprouts. I’ve tried a lot of recipes, but none of them have really grabbed me, and I rarely seek them out… Continue reading

Mapo tofu seafood soup

This is a soup that started out one way, and ended in another, because I had to toss out a batch of shrimp stock that seemed a bit off. I was happy I… Continue reading

Wednesday Night Dinners has been inactive of late, and I’m hoping to change that and resume with a new series of posts with menus from Wednesday nights–an evening in my house when we always cook.… Continue reading

Deviled Quail Eggs

These sound pretty fancy and highfalutin, but they’re really simple, and like any deviled egg recipe you’ve ever made. But what’s nice about quail eggs is their size: they make a much more… Continue reading

Venison Tacos

This recipe would also work with ground beef. I’ve been making versions of this for years, but there’s an additional step I recently incorporated that really makes a difference (the braising at the… Continue reading

Cauliflower Parmegiano Reggiano

I recently began to buy parmegiano reggiano rinds–because they’re cheap, and because I’d heard of some good recipes, like using them in stock, tomato sauce, that sort of thing. The first time I used them was… Continue reading

El Gallito in Tama

200 West 3rd Tama, IA 52339 Whenever I drive north on US 63 to Cedar Falls or Waterloo, I try to stop at El Gallito in Tama, Iowa–a Mexican store that recently expanded to… Continue reading

Le’s Chinese Bar-B-Que

1600 2nd Ave Des Moines, IA 5031 I was really happy to discover this place, which I think has the best Chinese (Cantonese style) barbecue in Des Moines, and probably Iowa. Whenever I’m preparing for a Chinese… Continue reading

Ajla’s in Waterloo

Ajla’s Bakery and Grocery 1206 W 9th St, Waterloo, IA 50702 Most of the clientele at Ajla’s the few times that I’ve been there have come in for the big, soft loaves and rolls… Continue reading